List of all Brazilian Car Brands

Brazillian cars were first made in 1956 in a city names Sao Paulo. The type of car was called a Romi-Isetta. In 1957, a Brazilian entrepreneur named Sebastiao William Cardoso created an electrical jeep that was named a Tupi. Chevrolet, Ford and the Italian auto maker Fiat started manufacturing cars in Brazil in the 1960s and they were very popular in that country. In 1998, Mercedes Benz opened a factory and sold cars to be locally in Brazil. These cars dominated the Brazilian streets and highways until the 1990s came and the government in Brazil allowed other car types such as Nissan. Honda and Mitsubishi to be made and used there. Presently, the most popular Brazillian made car in Brazil. In 2005, Brazil decided to share it's style of cars with Africa by building an automobile manufacturing place in an African country named Angola. il is called a Troller and the T4 and Pantanal are its most popular models. Troller means troll in English. This company was founded in 1995 at a place named Horizonte, Cear'. Ford do Brazil bought this company in 2007 and this made Ford motors to be it's parent company. This would mean that they would be locally made but directly connected with the American auto giant that is names Ford. These cars are very popular in Brazil and now they have spread to Africa and Latin America due to their excellent reputation in Brazil. Brazil is now the fifth largest auto producer in the world. They pride their Brazillian made automobiles and drive them often in their country. Global investors have noticed that this country has a growing auto industry and have been investing lots of money in it. This will effect the cars in Brazil by making more cars that are driven in their country to be Brazillian made automobiles.
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